. a way with information

Dealing with information is central to many things that we need to achieve today. tr3branch supports you to get a better understanding of what’s important to you. It makes it possible to access content in a straightforward way, so you can quickly gain the insight you need. Bring your information to life with tr3branch!

. One tool - multiple uses

Take advantage of tr3branch’s flexible approach to information. Whether you need to quickly sketch some ideas, take notes about a topic or build a vast knowledge base, it’s simple to arrange and access your content. Get more done with tr3branch’s intuitive way to manage information.

. Have the relevant information to hand

Give your information the highly accessible structure of a network. The format of a network allows you to navigate your content quickly and always keep the relevant context in sight. It enables you to get new insights from the way your network is connected.

. Visualize and search your content

Get a deeper understanding of your information with the help of interactive visualizations. Explore your content in a map or timeline and search it, not just by words, but by time and space. tr3branch makes it simple to enrich your content with time and location data.

. Collaborate and share information

Create and shape information in collaboration with your team. Involve the relevant people to aggregate and distribute information in your projects. tr3branch makes it easy to organize participation in teams and manage access for groups.

tr3branch is quickly moving towards completion of its first version. Please don't hesitate to contact us via, if you would like to be among the first users. A private beta test will take place soon.